Case Study: Millennial in the Workforce

Conflict Coach teaches a millennial how to manage workplace conflict.

Interview with Allison S, a millennial in the workforce

“I hate conflict overall. I get nervous and am not confident standing up for myself. Before Conflict Coach I wasn’t able to approach certain subjects, but with it I have a more professional standpoint rather than getting advice from friends who might not know the best strategies.

“My experience with Conflict Coach was easy. It’s intuitive, with a guided process and not too many steps to get to the heart. There are no gimmicks and I didn’t feel pushed or pulled to a canned solution. It is objective, like sitting down with someone who understands.

“All three parts of the advice — strategy, framing of my words, and the surrounding advice — were the best parts of the app.

“After using Conflict Coach, I feel more prepared. I’m still nervous, but I have something to help me take care of what I need to take care of in a more adult manner. I’m ready to face another conflict with a client that doesn’t respond in time for me to complete their product by the deadline. Instead of getting mad, I will say, “I have trouble getting in touch with you and it has happened a couple of times and I would like to come up with a way to be in touch better so that I can meet deadlines.” By using Conflict Coach I can prepare the statement I need to begin to change my situation.

“I totally recommend Conflict Coach. Being a millennial, I use screens and texts and I talk to a screen, not a somebody. Conflict Coach gives perspectives I haven’t thought of and teaches me to handle a situation with more ways than I am aware of on my own. It gives confidence and incentive to talk to the real person. You have to do it; it is still up to you – but you get the gumption to do it because there is support behind you in CC.”

CC gives perspectives I hadn’t thought of. It taught me more options for handling a situation than I was aware of on my own.

Allison S

a millennial in the workforce

See for yourself how easy and effective Conflict Coach can be.

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