About Us

Meet the Conflict Coach Founders

Martha Harty is a mediator, professor, and conflict skills trainer and Tris Jahanian is a software engineer. They are friends, partners, professionals, wives, mothers, siblings, and daughters, all of which means (among other things) they have seen lots of conflict. They know how confusion, anger and frustration often obscure the human heart in conflict—and they love to give people advice about it. 


One day Martha and Tris had the inspired idea to combine their life wisdom, conflict resolution theory and practice, and make an app! They set out to create a virtual advice guru to help people handle their most pressing problems on the spot. They aspire to make the world a happier place by helping everyone improve their personal and professional interactions and relationships. And you can help!

Martha Harty, Ph.D., Co-Founder

  • Mediator and conflict skills trainer, 27 years of experience in family, community, business, and international conflict resolution
  • Distinguished Service Professor, Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University (part time), developing online courses in collaboration and conflict skills for student project teams and studying their effectiveness
  • Recent example: Study of Collaborative U, on CMU’s Open Learning Initiative (used by 750 students to date) showed improved peer reviews of team members and team projects and higher self-efficacy scores (244 first year science students) (accepted for publication)
  • Active founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders International, leader of Israel Project, 2011-14.

Tris Jahanian, Co-Founder

  • Expert in software development and systems architecture with over 28 years of experience
  • Software applications used extensively in the financial industry, with high-speed distributed processing and cybersecurity requirements
  • Holds patents for her work in remote banking communications software.