• Receive in-depth coaching
  • Acknowledge and move beyond emotions
  • Learn to listen carefully for key information
  • Get a personalized quick reference guide to a constructive conflict conversation


  • Research based methods from experts in the field
  • Clear step-by-step advice you can trust
  • Learn skills and improve your interactions and relationships


  • Conflict Coach is right there whenever you need help
  • Conflict Coach points you to the information you need
  • With clarity comes power to make strategic decisions




At first I thought this would be a tedious process. I was pleasantly surprised--the app ran efficiently and came up with a game plan. Very satisfied with the end product and would use it again!


college professor
A nice, calming interface and a good focus on key issues—what you want, what they may want, and how best to get there.


When I feel confused about a troubling interaction, or want some help reflecting on my experiences, I would think of Conflict Coach.


college student and roommate
Lots of times when I have a conflict, I consult someone I trust before I bring it up with the other person. I use Conflict Coach the same way.

About Us

Martha Harty is a mediator, professor, and conflict skills trainer and Tris Jahanian is a software engineer. They are friends, partners, professionals, wives, mothers, siblings, and daughters, all of which means (among other things) that they have seen lots of conflict. They know how confusion, anger and frustration often obscure the human heart in conflict—and they love to give people advice about it. 
One day Martha and Tris had the inspired idea to combine their life wisdom, conflict resolution theory and practice, and make an app! They set out to create a virtual advice guru to help people handle their most pressing problems on the spot. They aspire to make the world a happier place by helping everyone improve their personal and professional interactions and relationships. And you can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up an email function to allow you to contact the Conflict Coach team and Martris directly.  Use this contact us link or email us at martrisllc@gmail.com.

The password you set when you create your profile is permanent and unretrievable.  If you forget your password or want to change it, go to the contact us link to email the Conflict Coach team (or email us at martrisllc@gmail.com).  The administrator will assign a new strong password to your account through email.

We want to hear if you have a problem with Conflict Coach or with the website! Please go to the contact us link to email the Conflict Coach team (or email us at martrisllc@gmail.com). We will respond as soon as possible.

Martris uses Square to process e-commerce. If you have a problem with your shopping cart, please go to the contact us link to email Martris (or email us at martrisllc@gmail.com).  We will respond as soon as possible.

The Conflict Coach application runs in a web browser.  If this link to conflict coach does not work, please copy the following address into your browser window: https://conflict-coach-beta-1.appspot.com.

If you cannot run the Conflict Coach application in your browser, use the contact us link to email Martris (or email us at martrisllc@gmail.com).  Include as many details as you can in the email. We will respond as soon as possible.

Get in touch

Address: Martris, LLC, 5820 Ferree St., Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: 724-201-6474

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